Please leave a note on your order for any special size requirements


Each ring is handmade just for you!  It is best to please get a professional ring sizing done at any local jewellery store.  Online methods are not always accurate.  I make rings in full sizes, half & quarter sizes.

Please note that wider rings (e.g. 14mm+)  fit more snugly, so it is recommended to order a quarter size larger than you would for a thin ring.  If you have a ring at home that fits perfectly, take that to a jewellery store to check the size.


Most pendants purchased at Lola&Cash include a 45cm chain, unless another length is stated.
I can provide 42cm, 45cm, 50cm or 55cm – at no additional cost.  Just leave a note on your order.
*60cm, 70cm & 80cm chains cost more.  Please contact me for the longer lengths.


I provide standard 18-19cm chains for bracelets.
If you want a more specific measurement, please leave a note on your order.  You may use a piece of string to measure the perfect fit. 


Please measure the diameter of a well fitted bangle to determine your size.

Small (61mm)
Medium (63mm)
Large (65mm)