the travellers ring


∼ inspired by a love of adventure & wanderlust ∼

This extra chunky solid sterling silver ring measures a bold 18mm wide

Each continent is meticulously hand cut using my jewellers saw, creating a gorgeous & intricate statement piece

The continents wrap around your finger as a beautiful reminder of the adventures you’ve been on or those still to come!

Please include your ring size when ordering



It’s always a good idea to take a quarter or half size bigger than your usual ring size when wearing bands that are over 6mm wide. Everyone has their own preference, but if you are like me – who loves to wear rings quite loose – you should consider ordering bigger than your usual size!

Before ordering, please get professionally sized for extra wide rings, by any jewellery store near you. Please ensure you are happy & comfortable wearing a wide ring that is 18mm / 1.8cm wide